What to See in the Sky in May 2022?

This month sees the evenings grow longer which means less hours of darkness. However, as we are entering the summer, evenings are also getting warmer which makes it more comfortable to go out and enjoy the sky. This month, the highlight will be a total lunar eclipse where the Moon will go a deep redContinue reading “What to See in the Sky in May 2022?”

What Can I See in the Sky in March 2022?

The month of March is upon us which means it’s officially spring. The spring equinox occurs on 20th March. This is the time when the Sun crosses the celestial equator and the length of the day and night are equal. After this the nights will be shorter than the days. In Ireland, the clocks alsoContinue reading “What Can I See in the Sky in March 2022?”

What Can I See in the Sky in January 2022?

We have now passed the winter solstice and although we won’t really notice it yet, the days are starting to get longer. Despite this, we are still in the depths of winter and January is one of the coldest months of the year. You would expect that the coldest days of the year would coincideContinue reading “What Can I See in the Sky in January 2022?”

What Can I See in the Sky in December 2021?

The month of December sees the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. One could argue that for this reason, December is one of the best months in the year for stargazing. Although it gets very cold at night, so wrapping up warm is essential. This year the winter solstice occurs on the 21stContinue reading “What Can I See in the Sky in December 2021?”

Double Asteroid Redirection Test – DART

What would happen if we woke up some morning to the news that a massive asteroid had just been discovered and is on a collision course with Earth? This terrifying scenario is not very likely to happen anytime soon but the thing is, we can never be sure when it will happen and someday itContinue reading “Double Asteroid Redirection Test – DART”

What Can I See in the Sky in November 2021?

Now that the clocks have gone back it is dark early and you don’t have to stay up late to go out and observe the sky. Given that it is November, it will be cold and you will need to wrap up warm or your night outside will quickly become very unpleasant. This month willContinue reading “What Can I See in the Sky in November 2021?”