Radio Telescopes

Last week I wrote about optical ground based telescopes. In this post we learned about the electromagnetic spectrum and how visible light makes up only part of the spectrum. We also learned that all parts of the spectrum are useful in different ways for astronomy. In this article I am going to focus on theContinue reading “Radio Telescopes”

Ground Based Optical Telescopes

Small amateur telescopes are great for exploring the night sky from our gardens, but what tools do professional astronomers use to explore the universe? The truth is that they use a wide variety of ground based telescopes, space based telescopes as well as other experiments and detectors such as gravitational wave detectors. This post willContinue reading “Ground Based Optical Telescopes”

What is an Orbit?

We often talk about things being in orbit. The Sun orbits the galaxy, the Earth orbits the Sun, the Moon orbits the Earth and so on. But what is an orbit? In the 1600s, an English scientist named Isaac Newton came up with three laws of motion. The first of Newton’s laws state that anContinue reading “What is an Orbit?”


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